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Dulai’s trained professionals are happy to offer you the option of a new cedar roof. The aesthetic appeal of a house with cedar shingles is difficult to deny. A cedar roof will lend a traditional appearance to your home. Quality roofs always add value to your home; an eye-catching quality roof will impress potential buyers from the street. If creating a strong visual impression is important to you, we suggest learning more about the cedar appeal.

At Dulai, we take community values to heart, and are proud to offer this environmentally friendly roofing option for:

Contact us to find out if cedar shingles are right for your roofing project.

To offer you the best product available, we go directly to the mill to purchase shingles for your home. This ensures that you receive top quality, new wood for your roof. It also eliminates time spent waiting for your product to be delivered, allowing us to begin your new roof sooner.

Cedar shingles can be ordered in two different styles:

Because the visual quality of cedar is an important component of this type of roof, Dulai offers pressure treatment for your shingles. Pressure treatment helps cedar maintain its colour, preserving the hue and consistent look of a newly shingled roof.

We also provide fire treatment for cedar shingles, done to a 1- or 2-hour class fire rating.

At Dulai, we are proud of the quality of work our group of professionals will bring to your home. We therefore offer our 10-year labour guarantee for your cedar roof.