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At Dulai Roofing, we put our name on our work. Our goal is to provide you with a superior finished product and a quality experience.

Redoing your roof can increase your home’s efficiency and its value. We understand that investing in your roof is a serious choice. We are happy to walk you through each step of the re-roofing process, making the experience as simple and enjoyable for you as possible.

Our Products

Different structures require a range of different roofing products. Unlike our competition, we supply all types of roofing materials, from cedar shingles to torch-on membrane. At Dulai, most products are made in-house. This approach to your roofing needs reduces both the cost and time of the project.

Our Services

We provide roofing services for:

Our professional team is knowledgeable on each type of roof and able to meet your needs, no matter what type of roofing service you require.

We regard the roof as a system; therefore, we also supply ventilation and gutter installation. A roof plays an integral role in any structure; using Dulai to address all aspects of the roofing system on your project ensures a superior product.

Supplying our own disposal bins is a standard part of our roofing service. This eliminates reliance on another company and increases our productivity, another example of our commitment to your quality experience with Dulai.

Working from our Surrey shop and office for over 20 years, we provide services to Metro and the Sunshine Coast.

We will provide you with a free written estimate.

Emergency Re-roofing

Over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry has taught us that you may not always know ahead of time that you need a new roof. Dulai provides emergency re-roofing services any day, any hour.