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Supplying our customers with a range of roofing options is a key component our business model at Dulai Roofing. Concrete or clay tiles are a versatile, durable choice for all types of roofs.

We carry:

Each brand boasts different qualities to suit your needs. Carrying a variety of brands also provides you with a large quantity of colours and styles to choose from.

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Using concrete or clay tiles on your roof is an environmentally friendly option. These tiles are recognized by LEED as a green component. If you are a developer, using concrete or clay on your roof will earn you points towards this designation.

Contact us to learn how we can contribute to your LEED-certified building.

Dulai Roofing believes in providing outstanding workmanship and a superior finished product. Installing concrete or clay tiles on your roof makes it easy for us to guarantee the quality of your roof. Tiles carry a minimum 50-year warranty, eliminating any worries you could have about your roof for a long time. We also offer our 10-year labour warranty, as we are confident that you will be satisfied with our professional installation.

Concrete and clay tiles are:

The strength of these tiles makes them the recommended choice for all types of roofs. They require no maintenance, so you don’t have to think about them after installation. Tiles also will not fade or discolour, ensuring your roof maintains its appearance for years to come.