Metal Roof

Dulai is proud to also offer metal roofing as an option for your roofing project. This type of roof will give you confidence in your home’s comfortable atmosphere for many years. Our professional, trained staff enjoys installing a high-quality product that ensures your ongoing happiness with their work.

Metal roofing is a superior product, especially for our rainy climate. Because metal is waterproof, you can enjoy a worry-free roof for a long time. In fact, metal roofing is manufactured to last for 50 years. Metal also doesn’t rot; while this durability increases your initial output, the savings you will accrue from your investment ensure your profitability. Having a metal roof installed by Dulai will increase your home or building’s value markedly.

We install metal roofing for all low-pitch structures. Dulai fabricates all metal roofing systems in our own shop. By using our own highly trained professionals to design your metal roof, we guarantee that you’ll receive superior products. Fabricating our metal roofs in-house reduces the price and time involved in providing this service.

Metal roofs also come in a variety of styles and colours. Whatever appearance you would like for your home or building, you can achieve it using a high-end product like metal.

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