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Dulai Roofing offers a full range of home comfort options, including skylights and roofing ventilation Our products are fully guaranteed by the manufacturer. Skylights offer an easy way of bringing a modern, open, airy atmosphere to your home. Roofing ventilation can help to keep your home moisture free, an important consideration when living in Metro or on the Sunshine Coast.


We carry Velux and Columbia skylights. Both companies have been in business for over 20 years and provide high-quality products with guarantees. Both manufacturers provide open and fixed options for your consideration.

Dulai’s skylights installation service includes redoing the flashing on the skylights, and providing new or re-roofing at the same time. Our labour warranty for skylight installation is 5 years.

Skylights are moisture free and bright and provide an energy-efficient option for brightening a room. They come in a variety of materials, such as glass, low “E” argon energy efficient, plastic, or acrylic, they may be domed, and there are colour and sizing options available. Twenty-five year warranties are offered on many products.

Roofing Ventilation

Ventilating your home contributes to the health of your home and those in it. Installing roof vents can help eradicate mold and moisture. In fact, new constructions are required by code to have roof vents. The importance of ventilation to your health and happiness can’t be emphasized enough.

Dulai supplies plastic or aluminum roof vents. Both materials withstand weathering and have long durability.

We provide ridge venting, which pulls the air in your home up through the attic and out. Venting hot, moist air from the atmosphere minimizes mold’s chance to grow.

Dulai also installs whirly bird vents. A whirly bird is pushed by the wind; the vacuum this creates pulls the air from your home. It is an energy efficient manner of acclimating your home.

Both ridge venting and whirly birds are effective ventilation options. The difference is purely cosmetic and is your choice.

We will provide a free appraisal and estimate for your ventilation needs.

When we appraise older homes, we include an estimate for ventilation when providing a quote for re-roofing. 99% of our customers go ahead with venting installation.