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Dulai’s professionals can install a torch-on, or SBS, roofing membrane on your flat or sloped roof. This type of roofing is the popular choice for replacing old tar-and-gravel or EPDM roofs.

The torch-on option involves a quick installation process, minimizing any inconvenience from re-roofing your home. For new constructions, you can reduce the amount of time budgeted for roof installation on your development.

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Because the membrane doesn’t involve gravel, this flat or sloped roof option also eliminates clogged drains. This is an important consideration for a flat roof, as a clogged drain can hasten leaks.

Torch-on roofing is waterproof, a preferable option in a rainy environment like the West Coast. This roofing option also provides insulation, contributing to a more energy efficient home or building.

Dulai carries:

both of which are covered by the manufacturer 10-year warranty. In addition, Dulai supplies a 10-year labour warranty on our quality workmanship.

Green Roofing

The torch-on roof is also Dulai’s greenest roofing option. A recognized roofing option in Europe, using plants as a roofing material is quickly gaining popularity in North American markets. If you are endeavouring to upgrade or build an environmentally forward-thinking home or building, this may be the choice for you.

After we install the membrane, Dulai places low maintenance plants on top. The aesthetic appeal of a living roof is undeniable and very West Coast, but it is only one of the attractive factors for this type of roof.